Creative Ways to Train Children Writing

Writing activities can be done early through simple things. Children can be trained to write while playing to develop their imagination. Writing can develop children’s knowledge. In Bangkok, there’s a place that can teach children in a fun way. The place called St Andrews Sathorn International Kindergarten Bangkok.

Encouraging and training children to write creatively can be done in an interesting and fun way. Some of them are as follows:

1. Write a story based on a picture

Develop the imagination of children by having fun expressing their creative ideas through inspirational pictures. From these pictures, children are trained to write simply. You can search for these images with children through magazines and books. Let the children choose the picture they like. Invite them to imagine with the picture they have chosen to form an interesting story.

2. Make stories based on faces

Give the child a face image that does not yet have eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows, and expressions. Let the child complete the picture at once with the expression he likes. Is the face sad, crying, happy, laughing, angry or the face is thinking. Let the child pour the imagination of the picture until it’s finished. Is the picture a child or an adult and is welcome if they want to color the picture. Then he added his writing about why he had such facial expressions, was happy, sad and angry? In this way, children are invited to have fun, while imagining drawing, coloring, and writing.

3. Develop stories from books

Give a storybook to the children and ask them to develop the story. You can check whether the development is a news story or the story of the previous book. The continuation of the story could have been from a sad ending to a happy ending or vice versa. Children can also add stories from non-prominent characters or add flavor to the story to make it more funny and interesting.

4. Make a Letter

Encourage children to play letters. They will be happy because they have a new experience. For example, make a letter intended for children and ask them to make a letter intended for us. Choose the theme of the letter, for example, send a letter to their favorite cartoon character. We can play the role of being the cartoon characters they like. Children can play the role of the character we want.

Develop children to be creative in writing in expressing their ideas about their favorite cartoon characters, what things they want to express about these characters. Open and read the letter from the child, show a happy expression like we are receiving a letter that we are waiting for. The ability to write can boost creativity. Make sure to choose fun activities so children don’t feel bored.

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