How to choose a Bodycon Dress for a Curvy Body

If you have a curvy body shape, there is often a lot of fashion to avoid. Starting from the prohibition of wearing bright colors, too many colors and wearing tight clothes like bodycon dress.

But don’t worry, below are tips so that curvy bodied women can look beautiful and attractive when wearing a bodycon.

Pattern to camouflage your curves

Bodycon dress does have a tight silhouette that follows your curves. Therefore, for curvy bodied women maybe you can choose a bodycon dress with a pattern accent to camouflage your curves. For example you can choose a bodycon dress with a marble or floral pattern, you can also buy it at lover-beauty wholesale bodycon dresses.

However, remember not to choose excessive patterns. Because patterns that are too bold tend to make your appearance more heavy.

Camouflage stomach area
If you feel uncomfortable with your stomach which is usually the center of attention, there are several ways to overcome it. One way is to wear cheap skater dresses that are available at lover-beauty, to compress the stomach area.

In addition, you can also choose a bodycon dress with a peep plum accent that can hide your stomach as well as accent your curves.

Use outerwear to increase confidence

Meanwhile, for those of you who are not comfortable with the upper body area, you can wear sweet extra clothes. Starting from bandage dresses for women to black leather jackets to help you boosting confidence in wearing a bodycon dress.

Choose an outerwear that matches your style and matches your body con dress. Especially if you wear a patterned dress. Do not let the combination of outcomes that are too crowded make you look even bigger.

Choose the right cloth to accent your curves

Another key for curvy bodied women when choosing a bodycon dress is to choose the right fabric. Choose a flexible fabric, but still strong enough to accent your curves without having to add or cause other unnecessary curves.

In addition, you also need to be careful if you want to wear a bodycon dress with a mesh accent or have fabric from sheer material. Because, this material can expose details of your body that might not be necessary.

Black bodycon dress

One safe choice for anyone when choosing clothes is black clothing. Including one of them when choosing a body con dress for you curvy bodied woman. Because the black dress automatically will make you look more elegant and gives the impression of a sexy.