Ways to Make the Classroom Atmosphere Live and Attractive

A school is a place of learning for students, and the teacher’s assignments mostly occur in class that is to teach students by providing optimal learning conditions, which relate to their talents and interests. Classrooms must also be optimal, visually rich classrooms can make students feel at home and support and inspire the learning process. You can also order the plastic school chairs in the classroom to make children more comfortable while studying.

A lively classroom atmosphere is a picture of a classroom atmosphere where the teacher is able to make every student who participates in teaching and learning activities look active. Student activity is marked by the perseverance and enthusiasm of students. A lively classroom atmosphere is certainly the hope of all teachers when teaching students.

How to create a classroom atmosphere like this?

  1. Fun Classroom Atmosphere

Teachers who are able to bring the atmosphere of the classroom to feel happy are certainly personal teachers who are full of enthusiasm and creativity. Children are not easily bored with what the teacher teaches. With a pleasant classroom atmosphere, the material taught will be more easily accepted by children, especially children who are still fond of playing early childhood.

  • Active Teachers “Forcing” Children to Respond

So that children do not only play a role as listeners, the teacher needs to be active in provoking their students to be active in responding. The trick is to provoke simple questions.

  • Ice Breaking

In the early days of the teacher teaching, is an important opportunity for teachers to bring the classroom atmosphere. Teachers need to provoke it by providing fun ice braking, for example by guessing, playing, singing, and reading fairy tales.

  • Applause

To liven up the classroom atmosphere the teacher can also use a variety of pat. Usually, students are very happy if the teacher has given something and they then have to follow it. Likewise, with pat, they will be happy to follow the path that the teacher gives

  • Singing

You can use singing to enliven classroom settings, you can use existing songs or create your own. To be more enthusiastic you can condition your students to sing while clapping, standing, or accompanied by music

  • Change the Sitting Position

The monotonous sitting position can also be one of the causes of bored and bored children. Therefore, the teacher can change the sitting position of the students. Can be circular, or cross-legged.

  • Challenging Activities

Lack of variation in teaching can cause children to become bored. Therefore, vary the activities that you do in teaching and they should be interesting and fun activities, to attract the attention of students. These activities can be coloring, drawing, arranging puzzle or other activities.

  • Reward

Children will usually be very fond of the “reward” system. With the “reward” children will be increasingly motivated to be more active in learning in the classroom, because of the competitive atmosphere. Children become trying to be the best in class from the many rewards they get when children get down in the spirit of learning the teacher can also give a “reward” to him. The goal is that the child is even more enthusiastic in learning, of course, the learning atmosphere will come alive.

  • Attractive Summary of Packaging

Every teacher has their own creativity in teaching their students. A good teacher is able to provide a summary of the material, which seems difficult to be simpler and more interesting. Usually, this material will be summarized with the media of the game, making cubits of works, using props and other interesting activities. Some teachers are also very creative in using the surrounding environment as a learning tool for children.

Those are some things you can do to liven up the classroom when you teach. What about Teacher’s class? Have you taught students by making them more active in class? Is the atmosphere of learning in the teacher’s classroom lively?