What Equipment Do Drivers Wear?

In motor racing where racers fall, crash or slip off the track are common, wearing the necessary safety equipment. What safety supplies do drivers need? One of them is motorbike clothing. Now many motorbike clothing shops have sprung up on the internet so you don’t have to bother looking for stores that sell motorbike clothing.

Come on, we know the safety equipment used by racers.

Racing suit

A racing suit consists of one piece of clothing that encloses the racer’s body. The main dress material is made from leather which is famous for its abrasion or friction. One thing to note is that clothing can provide protection to the chest, back, elbows, and knees but must also be light enough and flexible so that the racer remains comfortable when wearing it. Combination materials such as carbon, Kevlar and titanium are the choices to provide protection for the chest and back. Racing suits must be tight enough to remain aerodynamic waterproof and fire resistant. Racing suits like those worn by Valentino Rossi can weigh up to 3-3.5 kg!

Steering wheel

Race helmets have the same basic structure as standard helmets. The outer layer is made of fiberglass, carbon, Kevlar and polyurethane which makes the shell hard to absorb energy in the event of a collision. Removable head covering. The design of the helmet considers the aerodynamic side, comfort, safety, visibility and weight. Helmet forming material that is lightweight but impact resistant. This helmet must also be fitted and have a good system so that the driver can be comfortable, see and see well. Motogp racers must have 4 helmets per race with one special helmet used if the race is raining. The helmet can be used to avoid fog.


Racing gloves must be enough to make the rider still feel the handlebar, brake lever and clutch. However, the most repairing abrasion or broken bones, such as in the thumb, against and palms must be strengthened. In the knuckles, generally made additional protective made of titanium or carbon. Meanwhile, for the main material, the glove maker is still the main choice.


Boots selected to reduce the risk of foot injury in the event of an accident. The shoe design must be strong against impact, abrasion, friction and fire resistance but also remain flexible when used. Boots should also be light so that they don’t overload the racer’s feet. High shoes over the ankles or about half a calf, enough to prevent an injury from the foot. The soles are made of rubber to provide a grip when stepping on and help stay on foot when riding a motorcycle.

Knee protector

When bulldozing the bend without the knee in contact with the surface of the road. Knee protectors made from thermoplastic material increase the driver’s safety and have only minor injuries when repairing accidents. In addition to knee protectors there are also shoulder, elbow and waist protectors. These protectors are usually combined with clothes, but there are also protectors that are sold separately.